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Who We Are

Our Mission

NeoLogic Distribution supplies plastic films, foils and laminates to a wide range of industries including flexible packaging, industrial and graphics. Strategically located in South Carolina, with warehousing around the country, we call on our experience of over 20 years to supply our customers with high quality products and technical advice. Our suppliers are chosen using the highest quality standards from producers in North America and overseas enabling us to provide competitively priced, high quality substrates our customers rely on.


Our mission is to provide competitively priced quality products in a timely manner that promotes continued growth and profits for our customers. To offer our employees a work environment that facilitates personal growth, job satisfaction, and empowerment based on the knowledge that these ideals lead to a stronger, more successful company. We strive to provide increased sales volume to our vendors in an environment of integrity and realistic goals for growth while generating profits and long term positive returns on investment for our shareholders.


Knowlegeable Staff

NeoLogic’s difference is our people. Our staff has over two decades of experience working in the film industry. Quality products are important, but knowing which products our customers need is the key to a successful partnership. Our value and respect for our customers is what drives us to offer the highest quality products and expertise.


Quality and Reliability

Quality products begin with quality vendors. As a distributor, we rely heavily on our vendors to ensure that our products meet the stringent quality requirements our customers demand. By putting our vendors through a strict qualification process, we are able to provide our customers with high quality products that they can consistently rely on.


Nationwide Presence

With warehouse and shipping facilities strategically located around the country, NeoLogic Distribution can offer our customers the service they require. These nationwide facilities help us service our customers with shorter lead times and lower inventory costs resulting in unmatched customer satisfaction.


Shipping / Slitting locations: Greenville, SC  •  Knoxville, TN  •  Rockford, IL  •  Wichita, KS  •  Livingston, NJ