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Print Finishing & Graphics

Clear, white and metallized PET and BOPP films designed for enhanced graphics for printing or post press over lamination.

* For pricing and availability, please speak with one of our team members at 864.751.9136, or feel free to email us.


  • Book Jackets
  • Ribbons & Bows
  • Glitter
  • Floral Sleeves
  • Menus
  • Posters
  • Gift Cards
  • POP Displays
  • Promotional Materials

Laminating / Decorative Films:

PPR-MEB Clear BOPP Film 
A clear biaxially oriented polypropylene film that is co-extruded and non-heat sealable, and ideally suited for folding carton windows and overlaminating. It is available with one, two, or no sides treated for adhesion.
Optiplast PPR-MEB BOPP Film Technical Data Sheet

PPR-MES2 Clear BOPP Film 
A crystal clear, two-sided biaxially oriented polypropylene film with high slip and low static generation. One side is corona treated for printing.
Optiplast PST-MES2 BOPP Film Technical Data Sheet

PST-MAB Matte PET Film 
A one-sde corona treated matte polyester film designed for muted appearance when laminated or printed, perfect for labels.
Optiplast PST-MAB PET Film Technical Data Sheet

PST-MTB Metallized PET Film 
A metalized polyester film that is plasma treated on one side for exceptional metal bond and surface tension. This film is well suited for flexible packaging and board lamination. Also available with corona treatment on the metalized side.
Optiplast PST-MTB PET Film Technical Data Sheet

PST-FWG White Opaque PET Film 
A white opaque polyester film that is available with one or two sides coated with acrylic. This provides a smooth surface, excellent gloss, and great handling that is suited for labels, photographics printing, and other general applications.
Optiplast PST-FWG PET Film Technical Data Sheet

PST-WHT2 White Opaque PET Film 
A white opaque polyester film with excellent gloss and high opacity, ideally suited for labels and other coating applications. Chemically primed on both sides for adhesion.
Optiplast PST-WHT2 PET Film Technical Data Sheet

Holographic PET & BOPP Film 
Holographic polyester and polypropylene films for security and enhanced cosmetic appearance. 

Colored PET Films  
Flood coated polyester films in a wide array of colors and metallic finished if needed. 

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